La Grande d’Ame

"La Grande d'Ame" is a friends duo from Herent.  A couple of years ago we started to brew together as a hobby (in a garden house).

We bought a hobby brewing installation, put together a warm and a cold room and learned while doing it.

Especially attracted by tasteful, complex beers, we also find it important that the beers stay in balance so that one still enjoys a second glass.

Our goal is to develop beers that are perfect in themselves, but also easy to combine with other flavors.

Beers that, due to the different taste layers, give the possibility to make a bridge or a contrast during meals with full dishes or at cozy moments with simple snacks.

The beers of La Grande d'Ame are not packed with alcohol but with primary flavors and background flavors.

The name of our brewery (beer company) is a wink to the woman. Our own women in the first place, they must, after all, regularly miss us because of our hobby, but they do not get in the way of us, on the contrary.

On our labels we therefore also opt for strong women, in comic style (typically Belgian).

With the little French wordplay in our name we refer to the soul in bottle, but also the soul or spirit of our brewery. We like brewing and creating tasty beers, we do so with full enthusiasm, put our soul into our beers and want to express that pleasure.